Saturday, June 14, 2008

A New Dress for an Heirloom Piece

Sometimes we find the most wonderful things when we clean house! Spring cleaning brought this little heirloom to the surface and its owner decided that having forgotten it for years she needed a new way to show it off.

Cameos whether they be peachy to buff or blue grey pair beautifully with moonstone. Moonstone glows of the divine feminine and its color pallet is the perfect match.

This piece is knotted with innocent little pearls between duos and triplets of moonstone drops (briolettes to those versed in bead speak). I added chain links between two small knotted sections over the shoulders and concluded with delicately wrapped drops and pearls on chain suspending from the discrete clasp and drawing attention down the back.

Some day soon I will photograph my own family heirloom cameo piece and share that story with you.

Summertime is Turquoise, Coral & Comfy Cotton!

The coral set I made last Autumn was such a hit, that the recipient commissioned me to make a Summer set wit the remaining pieces. She wanted something suitable for wearing with jeans or simple Summer dresses. This was a fun set to make. I know she will have fun wearing it!

Either this set photographs better or I'm just getting better with my camera set up. It was fun photographing with my favorite pair of jeans. Citizens of Humanity are not cheap (unless you find them second hand as I do) but they're so comfy chic they're irresistible.

Speaking of irresistible, I just had to show this silly little picture too.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Adventures with Pants

I decided to call today's photo session, "Adventures with Pants." For those of you who have known me a while the title of this blog will have double meaning. For those of you who may not even know me at all, friends have been known to call me Francie Pants & at times even, "The Pants."

I have been working on a couple of commissioned pieces in the past few weeks. One is a new design centered around an heirloom piece that may be dated back to the 1800s and the other the grand finale to my earlier Coral Saga.

I promise to post more detailed pictures of these pieces but for now, I hope you enjoy The Pants!