Thursday, July 12, 2007

Framboise & Whisky

Knotted Tourmaline makes the perfect base for this Whisky Topaz center stone!

This necklace can be custom made in colors, stones, length and closure specified. Prices will vary accordingly. 

Knotting whether with gems or pearls gives a fluidity much to be desired. It is recommended to re-knot jewelry every other year depending upon your wear and tear on the piece. Most jewelry stores and bead shops offer this service. Guess what, I do too! I just love to knot and I see no reason why jewelry should sit unworn. Feel free to email me to set up a time to discuss possible repairs.

This photo courtesy of my darling husband, Mark Manfrey. 

Framboise Bliss Earrings

These earrings are made of Tourmaline in warm tones dropped from oxidized and textured sterling silver chain; and capped with sterling wire for a sophisticated look. 

To find out more about Tourmaline and hear more about this design see, "Watermelon Bliss Earrings" same design, same stone but; different tones and different metal. 

Also see the matching necklace, "Framboise & Whisky."

This photo courtesy of my mother, Virginia St. Claire. To see more of her work visit her website:

Watermelon Bliss Earrings

Why even go out without fabulous earrings? 

These Tourmaline drops are dropped from textured gold-filled links and capped with gold-filled wire for a sophisticated look. They are two inches long and make a dramatic impact whether your heading out for coffee or to the opera. 

People wear Tourmaline for different reasons. Some are merely amazed by the variety of colors it grows in as a natural wonder. Others wear Tourmaline for its healing qualities. Tourmaline is said to absorb stress in the form of positive ions as it omits negative ions purifying the psychic environment for its wearers. I just love to work with this stone. 

Jewelry for bliss, who could ask for more?

This photo courtesy of my loving husband, talented artist, Mark Manfrey. 
  See also Framboise Bliss Earrings 

Wedding Crown

Having just returned from an exciting anniversary trip I decided to post my wedding crown. The crown is hand-forged in sterling silver, with gold-filled accents.  Each of the flowers are made of Ruby and Tanzanite and accented with fresh-water pearl leaves. The back closure is dressed up with organza ribbons, a veil may be attached for a more traditional bride. 

This is the crown that I wore for my wedding. The blooms are the colors that I chose for my bridal party. This crown can be made with any variety of colorful gemstones to match your group, your personality or both. White pearl blooms are also a possibility.

Each of these crowns are 100% unique just like you!

This photo courtesy of my mother Virginia St. Claire. 
To see more of her work please visit her website.