Thursday, July 12, 2007

Watermelon Bliss Earrings

Why even go out without fabulous earrings? 

These Tourmaline drops are dropped from textured gold-filled links and capped with gold-filled wire for a sophisticated look. They are two inches long and make a dramatic impact whether your heading out for coffee or to the opera. 

People wear Tourmaline for different reasons. Some are merely amazed by the variety of colors it grows in as a natural wonder. Others wear Tourmaline for its healing qualities. Tourmaline is said to absorb stress in the form of positive ions as it omits negative ions purifying the psychic environment for its wearers. I just love to work with this stone. 

Jewelry for bliss, who could ask for more?

This photo courtesy of my loving husband, talented artist, Mark Manfrey. 
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