Monday, June 25, 2007

Garnet Tassel Semi-Lariat

Inspired by jazz and dancing, pearls and hessonite garnet are knotted neatly into place. The hessonite changes in tone for 26" adding interest while a repetition of pearls give flow. 

Semi-lariat in this case refers to the fact that while one end cascades down freely, the other slides up and down the length of the piece but does not detach. Similar to another favorite my lei designs the semi lariat slides over your head. There are no clasps to fiddle with the finishings are integrated into the design. 

I have made this design in many different materials. It is one of my most popular designs and likewise one of my favorites to make.

The tassel can be repeated for matching earrings for a decadent look or accent beads can be used for a more understated look. Dress it up or dress it down this design will draw compliments in the grocery store and the theater alike. 

This picture was taken by my loving husband. 

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