Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coral Gift

These lavish coral beads were given to my friend Louise by her dear friends; Francois & Christopher. They were a part of a vintage necklace that had been passed down to Francois. They came with an interesting clasp & a challenge for a new more modern form to suite Louise. As you can see above there were plenty of pieces to work with. 

I immediately took pen (or pencil as it were) to paper and came up with a design. I decided to incorporate the coral and the unique gold clasp into a few works of wearable art. "Layers of Luxury," to borrow a term from my past life as Class Director at The Bead Shop in Palo Alto. Yes, the one and only (when it opened there was no other to speak of).

I decided to use large chunks of golden Citrine and bittersweet Fresh Water Pearls to bring out the gold clasp and the deep lines in the coral. 

Louise loved the design concept and the materials I chose. Now the making is ready to begin. Stay tuned for the collection. 

To be continued....

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