Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Simplicity Earrings

Here's another request for blue. I have these earrings in brown (Andalucite) and gold. My friend/neighbor Stephanie, was adoring the design but again, not a brown fan. When I asked her what color she would prefer...BLUE!

Here are two of my favorite blue stones; Apetite & Tanzanite and because I just can't get enough of it (and love to mix it in with blues) Prehnite. 

All said and done, the earrings remind me of the J Crew Summer Catalog (which I love). There is something so simple and sexy about them. I confess I made a pair for myself. A quick versatile design I'll in as many colors as I can! 

What makes them versatile? They could be $20 or they could be $200 depending on the stones and they can be worn out with full cocktail attire or with blue jeans to the super market. I'd have to say, and I know Stephanie would agree Simplicity Earrings are a mommy's best friend. 

Stephanie's husband might not agree. Here's a funny little story to go with the earrings:
One day I met Stephanie's husband, Julio on the street in front of our homes, as I often do. He seemed flustered and when I asked him why, he told me, that he was trying to take a part the sink because she's lost one of these very earrings. I offered to reproduce it for her but he was already determined. Men...


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